Is it possible to convert my django website to a mobile app using python kyvi

Is it possible to convert my python django webapp project into a mobile app?
and if so, which is the best framework to use.

You want to serve web pages from your mobile phone?

Or are you really looking to access a Django web app from your phone?

Django runs on a server, not on the client. Your phone can access a Django web application just like any other browser.

I have a django project which i know i can access on my mobile device.
But then i want to convert the entire web project into a mobile app project. is that possible and if so how can i go about it

Again, what precisely do you mean by this? Do you want to serve web pages from your mobile phone, or are you still talking about accessing some web server somewhere else?

So i have this school project i was working on, the project is a website but then i am required to develop an application of that same project. so i already have a completes website project but then i need to develop an application.
Hence my question if theres a way i can convert it rather than starting the entire process of developing an application

No, there’s no way to do that.


Hello there guys , I am a tough Dev.

Grey , just make a YAMl or other config file , that directs the Django Application to a locally hosted address. As long as the migrations for the database , and the admin and project folders are created , along with the dependencies -I dont see why not.

  • I think what Ken is referring to in the classical sense , is that of taking the primary APK and application design method , and instantiating a Django app upon it.

I must argue that point , directly , as embedding is an option within the Apk file and Within Kotlin , for Java at least.

The compromisation of such , would require a completely different structural approach as Django is Python and Not Java. In that sense and in the main scheme of things , I there agree with Ken.

  • Completely different language there.

  • However - is it possible ?

  • The suffice of the extent seems the packaging of the python server side components in an APK.

— That would do the trick , but it would have to be an .apk file.

---- It could be done , but there are yet too be efficient tools for it.

First of all you need to understand the basic concepts here.

Django is a backend framework based on Python. What you have in your “website” is HTML that is used within Django to represent the Front end using Jinja2. You could have a Django Backend that communicates with a React FE, or another simple HTML website but hosted somewhere else. And that is also applied for mobile apps. If you want to have a mobile app, you need a front end like Flutter, but more importantly, you need a REST API inside your Django to communicate with the outside world. Kivy is a python frontend framework that is entirely different from Django.