Is it possible to create a dashboard with django to display the sensor values with esp32?

Hello, i am trying to create a dashboard to display sensor values, rfid data etc. with the esp32. Do you have any sources or recommendations to do this project?


While it is perfectly possible to code this with Django, I would like to suggest using the combination of Grafana and InfuxDB for sensor data.Virtually no coding required

It performs well on even a raspberry pi. We use it to monitor fermentations.

Django comes in to readout specific data from InfluxDB to generate reports and combine the sensor data with records from a metadata database

Thank you for your answer, my supervisor wants to do it with mqtt broker with django that is why i am asking. I am kindly new to these topics, i really do not know some things. Also i will try to do with only esp32 and computer, not raspberry pi or something.

mqtt is supported by Grafana. I quess your esp32 is delivering the sensor data. The Grafana and InfluxDB would sit on the generic computing side (in our case a raspberry pi, but that could be a normal small server as well, anything running Linux will do).
Its a matter of hours to get the combo going (without experience).
The question here is: is it needed for production purposes or is it a proof of concept or study object.

You might want to read these:

and these:

Thank you for your help. I will inspect the documents you sent and will inform its working or not.