Analytics Dashboard

Hey Programmers…!
Thanks in Advance…!

I am going to build a dashboard in my I am using Python Django with MySQL database…!

  1. My design is complete now.
  2. Now, I just want to retrieve data from my database.!
  3. Can anyone share article or video link?
  4. I want to fetch revenue of Today, Yesterday, last 07 days, last 30 days…
    #Please guide me how can I do?
    #Attechment These are he dummy values

Have you worked your way through either (or both) of the Official Django Tutorial and the Django Girls Tutorial? They’ll give you enough information to get started.

Thanks for response
Dear @KenWhitesell, I have seen this. I just want data for a specific interval. like that last 7 days data?
I am stuck here how can I do?

But have you worked through it? (Typed in all the code and examples, etc.)

If so, you’ve learned how to query data from the database. You should then read the docs at QuerySet API reference | Django documentation | Django to see how you can filter the data you’re retrieving from the database to the data you want.

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