Lightweight Log/Exception System (not sentry)

I run a small application in a VPS.

AFAIK most people use sentry for managing exceptions. And I have seen that you can run a self-hosted version, too.

But this feels too heavy for my small VPS. A own sentry server would need much more resources than my application.

I am looking for a lightweight solution to handle my Exceptions.

Required features:

  • As a developer I want to see which exceptions occurred during the last days.
  • I want to see the stacktrace, URL, time (roughly like the debug-view)
  • It would be nice to see the value of the variables of each stackframe, but this is optional.

Do you have a recommendation?

I use Rollbar for my small project. It’s hosted, costs very little ( I think I pay $1 a month ) and does points 1 and 2. Point 3 might be possible if you connect up your git repo, which is something they offer.

They have a very simple Django integration which has worked very well for me.

Rollbar is good but Sentry has many more features. Honestly, I would say just use the Sentry SaaS.

Thank you Adam, I use Sentry now, but in the long run I would prefer an open source self-hosting service.

But up to now I could not find matching existing project.