linebreaksbr filter is not working

Please review my Django’s view snippet;

    # notification
    new_notification = Notification.objects.create(user=seeker.seeker,
    message=f"Congratulations !, {request.user.username} is willing to donate {seeker.b_group_required} to the blood request you made at VitalFlows. Contact with {request.user.username} to proceed further. Here are the details of the donor . \nPhone No : {donor.contact_number} \nEmail : {} .\nHappy Blood Seeking! ")

It creates and saves a new notification. Notice the message field contains newline characters i.e., \n.
A template, notifications.html, is provided with the notifications retrieved and tries to render the notifications. For allowing the template render the new line character correctly, I am using linebreaksbr filter which is not responding as expected.

          {% autoescape on %} 
          {{ notification.message|linebreaksbr|force_escape}}. {{ notification.timestamp}}
          {% endautoescape %}%}

Please guide me.

The problem is using force_escape. That will convert the <br> to &lt;br%gt; You don’t need (or want) to escape the <br> or <p> elements. If you have other data within message that needs to be escaped then you need to escape the data before the linebreaksbr filter is applied.

Thank you for your response.

I already tried without force_escape, but that, too was not giving me what I wanted.