List all models, incl. those in subfolders

I have organized some of my app models into sub directories. Everything runs fine (i.e. the models are recognized for migrations etc.). But I’m curious on the best way to get a complete list of all models for all of my apps, including those within sub dirs. Not that the below doesn’t inculde sub dir models.


Can you provide a minimal example of what you’re trying? (Along with a more detailed description of your module layouts.)

What I’m mostly concerned about is where you’re trying to call that function.

From the docs for get_models at: Applications | Django documentation | Django

Requires the app registry to be fully populated.

If this is something you’re trying to use during the Django “start up” process, I can understand why you might not be getting complete results.

I don’t know if this is ‘best practice’.

But I ended up including model imports for any subfolders in the base like so:

class Config(AppConfig):
    default_auto_field = "django.db.models.AutoField"
    label = "XXX"
    name = "apps.XXX.XXX"

    def imports():
        import apps.XXX.signals  # noqa

        from apps.XXX.XXX import models  # noqa

    def ready(self):

I then ensure that when I’m going to loop through all models for that particular app, that I just call on the static imports method above. e.g.

app_config = apps.get_app_config('XXX')


models = app_config.get_models()

Which has solved this issue for me at the moment.