Looking for a CRUD generator like Gii


I have been using the PHP Yii2 framework for some years and now I want to move to Django and Python. But I would like to have a CRUD generator like the great Gii that comes Yii2.

I have been looking in Internet but I can’t find a tool to generate a CRUD starting from a database table or at least with a model define in my Django project.

I think is very strange that a tool like that doesn’t exist. It automate a lot.

Here there is a picture of Gii:


From Ushuaia city, Argentina.

Hi Roberto!

The only tool I know of is https://djangobuilder.io/ but I’ve never used it.

Django includes an excellent admin interface which gives you CRUD-like actions on every model nearly without effort. Have you tried it? The Django admin site | Django documentation | Django


Marco desde Córdoba, Argentina

PD: I answered in English because it’s the main language in the forum.
Could I answer in spanish, which is my native language? Maybe that’s a question for another post.