Make signals.pre_save work with queryset.update()

I am build a business listing website and have a django model that stores and manages notifications. One such notification is supposed to notify people who follow a particular business whenever a product posted on by the business owner is approved.
To achieve this I have a receiver function

@receiver(pre_save, sender=Product)
def create_product_notification(sender, instance, created=False, **kwargs):
    if instance.is_verified:
        for user in
            # create notification here
            create_notification(receiver=user,, verb=f"{} added a new product, ( {instance} )", target=instance)

This works when the model is saved after verifying. However, the function is not even called when I run queryset.update(is_verified=True) from a custom django admin action I have.
Your help is well appreciated?

From the docs for Signals:

django.db.models.signals.pre_save & django.db.models.signals.post_save

Sent before or after a model’s save() method is called.

But then from the queryset docs for the update function:

Finally, realize that update() does an update at the SQL level and, thus, does not call any save() methods on your models, nor does it emit the pre_save or post_save signals (which are a consequence of calling ).

So the answer is no, that signal will not fire.

I guess I might need to emit the signals myself right before the queryset.update() is called in my admin action .