makemessages - make comments with line numbers look the same in all operating systems


I’m using Django on Windows and I run python makemessages --all to create my *.po files. I’m using Windows and the comments before the msgid look like:

#: .\accounts\
msgid "username"
msgstr "nom d’utilisateur"

My fellow developer uses Linux and when he runs the same command on his machine, the comments change (I’m not sure exactly but I think to #: accounts/ So we both can’t work on the same files otherwise the comments change all the time. Can you make all these comments be in Linux format also on Windows? It will save many problems since then we can work each on his machine, and the comments will not change. Also, I think it’s better to have a canonical format for the source files in *.po files which do not depend on the developer’s operating system.


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