Makemigration error due to database access


When i makemigrations i get an an error saying table parameters does not exist. This is module level table I use to initialise the look and feel of the app for different clients. The error happens on a fresh image install only.
I understand how to overcome it by commenting out the parts then running migrations, and then uncommenting but its becoming too much with too many places being affected . Im just wondering if architecturally we are doing something not so right. Could this be in another place and then used by all different modules for various apps for project inilitilisation or can make migrations actually skip these sort of checks and run successfully the first time?

Kind Regards

I think for us to be able to help you, we’re going to need to see more details about the situation you’re facing.

This will probably need to start with the full error message and traceback that you are receiving from makemigrations.

It would also help to see the code that you’re needing to comment out to allow makemigrations to work.