makemigrations raises ModuleNotFoundError for pip packages

I’m using a virtual environment, and I’m trying to create an empty Postgresql database (I had a sqlite3 db before). I’ve created the database and altered the settings, and now when I run “sudo python makemigrations”, I get an error, even though I’ve installed the packages (environ in this case).

Hi azf,

There shouldn’t be a reason for you to need to use sudo when running python makemigrations. If you run the following which commands you’ll see that using sudo is changing the context in which your running Django commands.

(venv) schillingt@home-ubuntu:~/Projects/example$ sudo which python

(venv) schillingt@home-ubuntu:~/Projects/example$ which python

Using sudo is breaking me out of the virtualenv shell and the script being executed won’t be able to find the packages that were installed in that virtualenv. This may explain why makemigrations can’t find the package environ.

Thank you. I have it now!