Bash: Python: command not found

The terminal does not seem to acknowledge my file. I try to cd into it and it says its not a directory. but when I input pwd it shows that it is one of the files listed

I have activated my virtual enviornment, and I have nagivated to each folder inside of my django project. I have tried to make a migration but it keeps saying the command is not found. python makemigrations polls is the command that is not being found, why is bash saying that?

To make matters worse I am trying to find my migrations file and it is not there. I know I ran make migrations command. I am wondering what is going on.

I keep getting the error bash: python: command not found.

Okay I cannot cd into a python file. only into folders. if the folder has the file that is enough.

apparently, you can delete your virtual enviornment and reinstall django and that will restore the shell command terminal!

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