making A Server

i have learned a lot in Django but i still don’t know how to make a server to the webite to be like ( instead of run on the local server (
the second thing i need some simple projects to examine my knowldge and also apply more
i need someone to provide me with sources

Deployment can be a rather intricate process. I suggest you start with reading How to deploy Django | Django documentation | Django

I’m not a big fan of Apache any more, all my (current) deployments are done using nginx.

Either way, there are a variety of topics you’ll need to become familiar with for a successful deployment.

A lot of the work is less about Django itself, and more in the category of “System Administration”.

If you’ve never installed or configured a web server before, I suggest you start with setting up a simple configuration first - one that just serves some static pages, before you try running it as an application server.

You may also need to become familiar with how to configure your database in a “production-style” configuration.