Web hosting for django projects

I have finally develop my first django web app and I should be happy with the fact…but when I try to host the app online it’s turning into a nightmare!!!

I’ve tried Linode and created a new Ubuntu server but I can not make it to work. Way to difficult, spend days reading docs and on the command line trying…

I’m looking to some other options but none of them looks user friendly. So my question is:

Where can I host my django app without having to be a Linux system administrator and configure apache, mod_wsgi and so on…can someone enlighten me, please.

Thanks in advance,

Starting from the top -

You could try Heroku - I’ve seen lots of messages here on the forum of people who do use it.

However, the last time I looked at it, it was too limiting for my needs. It was not an adequate solution for me.

So my immediate response to your question is, you can’t. At least not in a platform that may satisfy needs that go beyond the simple request/response cycle of a basic Django app.

Because of the number of deployment-type issues that reside outside Django’s control, you effectively need to become enough of a sysadmin to properly set things up.

Quoting from https://forum.djangoproject.com/t/deploying-my-first-django-app/3034/2:

<Opinion> Deploying a Django site to a live environment the first time is one of the most intricate (and likely painful) activities you’ll ever deal with when working with Django.</Opinion>

The advantage of working through this now is that when you want to add features / functionality to your platform, you’ve already got the fundamentals taken care of.

I will make a couple of quick recommentations.

  • Ditch Apache. Either use nginx or take a look at caddy

  • Don’t try to get too sophisticated at the beginning. I’d even try just deploying the first step from the Django tutorial to ensure that you can get the simplest-possible app running before adding the Django-related issues into the mix.

There are a number of good guides around.

I might suggest working through something like:

You may also want to read The Essential Django Deployment Guide (posted here thanks to @czue)

And, of course, if you get stuck on any specific issue, we’ll still be here to try and help.

I’m biased, but I do recommend reading the guide Ken shared. In your case if you’re in “I just want the darn thing online” mode, I would favor a PaaS option like Heroku, or Render / fly.io (the latter two have free tiers that are workable for hobby projects, Heroku does not). Based on your strategy, I’m guessing you’re not familiar with Docker, so I’d probably go with Render by default.

These two (admittedly,opinionated) diagrams may help:

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Thank you Ken and czue, I don’t feel so stupid or alone anymore. Great info, I’ll read the docs and keep trying, eventually I’ll get there…now I understand, at least, why they give credit bonus when you sign-in, lol

Hi guys, I’ve managed to get it working on DigitalOcean :smile: still a couple of steps to do but getting there. Thanks again for your help.