Mentoring for GSoC 2024

I would like to express my interest in mentoring the Auto-importing shell project for GSoC 2024. I am a past GSoC contributor with DSF and am willing to give back to the Django community in as many ways as possible. I have been using shell_plus for a while and am familiar with how it works.

If anyone else wants to volunteer for mentoring in GSoC 2024, please feel free to express your interest under this post.
If Django participates, here’s a list of possible projects: SummerOfCode2024 – Django



Hi @DevilsAutumn, as I wrote in this post I’m eager to start drafting a proposal for the ‘auto-importing shell’ project. Currently, I need to gain a better understanding of how the shell codebase works. Once I have a more comprehensive grasp, I can define specific goals and milestones required for the project. Let me know if you’d like to give me some feedback :slight_smile:

Hello @salvo-polizzi
Thankyou for showing interest in the Auto-importing shell project. It will be great to see this functionality being added to the core. I would suggest you to do some research around the below mentioned points to better understand what we’re after:

  • The working of current Django shell(as you said). You can find its code here.
  • The working of Shell_plus as what you’ll be doing will be somewhat similar (but with improvements) to the shell_plus functionality. You can find its code here.
  • There was some discussion on the forum during the time of GSoC last year related to this project, I’d recommend giving it a look.
  • If you need an idea about how an ideal GSoC proposal should be, here’s the link to my last year’s proposal.

I hope this will help you create atleast an initial draft of the proposal for GSoC. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you get stuck anywhere.

Thanks again for picking this up! :tada:

Hey @DevilsAutumn, thanks a lot for the resources. Even though I have been interested in the same topic since last year which is why I started this conversation, I could not figure it out properly now I have been given enough time to study the code, and the resources will help me to draft a better solution proposal. I will be in touch regarding the same.

Hi @DevilsAutumn, I’m currently writing a draft of the proposal. I’ve written the first part which includes a brief introduction and a draft of the final solution. Could you check that out? Here the link: proposal