My Django Autoescape looks like it is doing opposite of what it should, why ?

I am doing my last example for my Django website based on W3Schools Django.

This last example is demonstrating how autoescape works with a variable, when it is either on or off.

Note: I have both autoescape examples seperate from autoescape main web page, that discusses how autoescape works and has links to these examples.

My Autoescape Off Example

My Autoescape On Example

When I compare my example with the W3Schools Autoescape examples

W3Schools has this view for both examples.

This template for Autoescape Off

and this template for Autoescape On

From what I can see, it looks like my Autoescape Off is doing same as W3Schools Autoescape On.

I am trying to work out, why is this happening ?

I will appreciate any ideas on why my autoescape is doing opposite from what it does with W3Schools Autoescape examples.