Not Found: /

Hi. I’m just getting started with Django and I see this message popping up when I run my application:

[19/Feb/2021 19:39:46] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 404 
Not Found: /

I haven’t implemented to handle websockets. Why would this message be appearing?


This is Django logging that it received a GET request at /socket,.io/... from the client.

Maybe something inside your template code is calling to /

The code is pretty boilerplate. I’m just starting from scratch so I can’t imagine how it got there. Unless it’s coming from any of the installed apps or middleware.

I have used socketio in the past but that was in another virtual environment. Not sure how it could have any reference to it here, but who knows.

These are requests coming from the browser. This wouldn’t be in any of your Django code, apps, or middleware - it would need to be in a template or one of your JavaScript files.

Well this was kinda dumb on my part. I still had a browser window open from another web app I was running on localhost that was looking for

Thanks all!