Not opening my localServer

I have made a Django project which is working fine and it is hosted on localServer with
ip - 127.0.0:8000 and below is the homepage image
(not able to show image because i am a new user cant upload 2 images)

but when i do Go Live through the vscode and open it on ip
ip - 127.0.0:5500
it shows like this

you can see its not loading here but working fine on my localServer at 8000 port
how to resolve this so that vscode GoLive also show the correct website and loads everything

This may cause huge error when i host this website on AWS or anything??

What documentation did you find that gives you any indication that the Live server extension is capable of running a Django application?

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ohh thank you, now i know live server can only run static files, html, css, js.
sorry for stupid question

just one more question, is their any way i can see my project on my mobile phone without hosting like on aws etc?

First, your previous question wasn’t “stupid” at all. I honestly didn’t know if there was some new extension available that would let you run it. I did a couple of searches myself, didn’t find anything, and that is why I asked the question I did. (I thought you may have found something I didn’t)

Anyway, if your phone is connected to your local wifi, you should be able to run runserver specifying the address as a parameter. Then enter your machine’s ip address into your phone’s browser. (Note, you’ll also need to make sure that the port you’re listening to is open through whatever firewall your system may be using.)

no i did the same what you saying, connect to same wifi then put ip followed by port but it doesn’t work.

Oh, it works. I do it all the time.

If it’s not working for you, then you have some form of environment issue interfering with it. Typically, it’s usually a firewall-related issue.