Pip doesent find latest Django version

As it says in the title.

when i dot pip install with latest version (3.0.8) it doesent find it.
plus it shows me max versios possible is 1.11.29.

And that version doesent work with the tutorial ( im new , trying to learn)

Help me! any other way to install it?

thanks in advance!

That’s generally an indication that you’re running a python 2 version of pip.

Have you set up a virtual environment in which to run Django? If so, make sure your virtual environment is set up to use python 3.

Otherwise, as a quick test, you can try pip3 install django.

(Also, it would help to know what operating system you’re using. Setting up your environment is a little different between Windows, Mac, and Linux.)


That was it , i suspected it was related with this.

Thank you very much Ken

Maybe i should learn about pip i ve been having problems with pyhton versions for a while now.

Anyways this solved it for me

Much appreciated


Use python -m pip to avoid such confusion: https://adamj.eu/tech/2020/02/25/use-python-m-pip-everywhere/