Prevent an inappropriate image from being uploaded to my portal

I want to include a image file upload option for the end user for my real-estate listings portal.
How do I prevent a bad / inappropriate image being saved to my server ?
Any solution using tensorflow using image recognition ?

I think your best bet for this kind of problem is to use a dedicated service, such as the AWS one (I never used it, no affiliation). At least, that’s where I’d look first. Such services will likely be trained on far larger data sets than anything free, so will probably be more accurate.

I thought Google also had a similar service using their TensorFlow technology.

I googled (with duckduckgo) and found this: Detect explicit content (SafeSearch)  |  Cloud Vision API  |  Google Cloud

Yes, this equally good too - thanks. I was actually looking for some solution on how to integrate this with Django - like some sort of plugin or something.