Price comparison system in web-scrapping using python django

The links to the different e-commerce websites in my show prices in Indian currency when displayed. But I want the link to display prices in US dollar. The e-commerce sites are Amazon, Flipkart, Gadgets now.

You might be getting their (Amazon, Flipkart, Gadgets now) data to your site by webscrapping or may be using their APIs. But the price is going to be, what they are setting in their database that’s what you will get you cannot update their APIs Price from INR to USD if you are showing their Indian servers data like and , these are two different servers where they showcase INR and USD prices respectively.
If you want to render their data in your site then if the prices are in INR than you can convert them into USD. You cannot render a product rated at INR 1000 to USD 1000 because their will huge difference in value of INR and USD which you already knew about.

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