Procedure to "tag" a ticket with "can be closed?"

I just stumbled over ticket #15611 . Opened 13 years and last modified 3 years ago. Last comment says: “I think this can be closed now.”

I haven’t looked into the details, but wondered why it is still open?

Is there some well known procedure how to flag such a ticket as to ask “can be closed?” and bring this to the attention of somebody who can safely answer this and could close it?

Like adding a comment: “Can be closed? @somewellknownadmin” ?

Or assigning the ticket to somewellknonwadmin ?

Or just leave it like this until somewellknownadmin comes across this again?

Just asking how this is handled with Django.

It’s not enough to comment “this can be closed”. If it’s a bug you need to prove that it’s already fixed before closing a ticket (e.g. by submitting PR with a test). In this case I agree that customization option are already available and they are better than hiding readonly fields all the time. So I change the type to the “New feature” and closed as fixed.

I follow all comments on Trac, so in most of cases leaving a comment is enough.