Pure Full Stack Django Project

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Hello World…
I have been learning and working on a Django Project which started during the Lock Downs and 4 years later, I have a production working app with over 2 million views and 20 users.


The users (Personas) are very few right now because we only allow verified people to post on the App due to privacy and security.

Unlike other apps where you can just join and start posting, My App is different, I am hosting the App locally at home using just a hp victus laptop with 1TB HD space and my local ISP, so I only pay for internet subscription and home bills…so yeah, a very little start up company with no help, subsidy or support.

I don’t have money to pay fact checkers, admins and moderators, so I used the best of Django Securities to secure the project.

If, else statements with Boolean fields really helps.

Only Manually verified users can post anything on the app. Anyone can Join but to post, comment or message other users, you first have to go through the manual verification process which takes only 24 hours if the users details are accurate.

I am trying to stop online scams and abuse, so only Working people are allowed to use my app for Free, if you have no job and still in school, my app is not for you :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

Thank you to ALL Django Communities for their help in making this project come through…
As soon as I start earning some money, I will surely do what I am supposed to do.

My App has been up and running for one year with zero profit…For now.

Good luck to everyone.
Thank You.
KinKhxb (Kin Kapp) Teck.

Thank you Sir Ken…Thank You