Post hidden by community flags: Why?


My post used to be found at this forum, under t/do-i-need-apache-if-so-im-lost-configuring-it/4791. (I would post the full link but I’m terrified of doing that now.) I have been notified that the post was “hidden by community flags”. What did I do wrong? The only things I linked to were documentation for Apache, Wsgi and Django, and my code on Github.

Sorry for the bad tag; “ask for feedback” which is part of the description of “Show & Tell” was the closest thing I could find.

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I’m guessing it’s because of the number of links. I’d assume it’s some type of automatic anti-spam effort. I’ve seen this sort of thing elsewhere.
I think the intent is that you might post one link to a repo or file, then copy/paste the relevant sections here - or just refer people to the original link. (Note: This is just my impression as a user of this forum, I have no formal standing here. Hopefully one of the moderators will weigh in.)

Apologies for that - the system flags posts if they have too many links in them to the same domain, and then one of us admins has to come fish it out of the review queue (we get pinged if it’s in there for more than 12 hours). Sorry it impacted you like this, but it’s part of the spam-prevention measures.

I’ll see if we can tone down its sensitivity a little. I’ve restored your post out of the review queue now, so you should be good to go!

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Awesome, thank you very much.

I wonder if you could whitelist certain domains? Particularly djangoproject, apache and github. (I’d put the appropriate endings on those but ironically the system again won’t let me.)

Good call - I’ve added those three in. If anyone can think of other domains to allow, I’ll configure them in.

Might I suggest:,, and /

ooh and localhost and (If the port number needs to be included, hopefully you could use a regex to stand for any port.)

Great, I threw all those in plus for good measure.