Pyperclip cant copy things

If I try to copy things with pyperlclip this error appears:

Pyperclip could not find a copy/paste mechanism for your system.

On this site: Welcome to Pyperclip’s documentation! — Pyperclip 1.5 documentation

they said I have to install things that it will work and I did that but it still wont work, also if I just type in the name of the installed thing there comes an error named Error: No display: (null)

But the thing is installed, I know that because if I do it again it says that its already installed.

In Stackoverflow they said I need something like Tor X 11 and that sounds very complicated, so if this doesnt work, is there an alternative to copy things in Django

Can you provide more specific details about what you’re trying to accomplish here? I’m having a hard time seeing what the intersection would be between anything related to a desktop clipboard and a web app.

with clipboard I mean like the CTRL-C CTRL-V thing, I want to save something from my page in this clipboard, and for that the module pyperclip is for. On my dev server it worked but now it doesnt, I need addons but they arent recognized from pyperclip.

Please be more specific. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

If you’re doing something in your browser, where you’re copying something from the browser, that’s happening on your system, not on the server. The server isn’t going to have any visibility to it. Nothing that pyperclip can do is going to see it.

yeah but as I said pyperclip wants that I install addons what I did, that it works but now the same error appears that means pyperclip doesnt notice that the server already has the addon installed

In the absence of an explanation of what you’re trying to accomplish by this, I would suggest you read about The XY problem.