Question about Multisite Chat Application

Hello, I have to create a chat application that runs on multiple websites like without customizations. I am confused about project architecture. I searched the web almost all of the chat applications built with Django are just simple chat app like rooms etc. Is there anyone who built something like this? I need some information about how can I create this application.

Can you be more specific as to what you want this application to do? From a Django perspective, what are you looking to do that isn’t functionally similar to the basic chat app? (What do you think is so significantly different about the architecture that is raising this question in your mind?)

Third party applications like work by giving you a JavaScript plug-in for your site. This plug-in will direct the chat data to their site.

If that’s all you want to do (create some JavaScript code to manage a chat session being sent to a different site), then that’s a JavaScript issue and doesn’t really have anything to do with Django.

If you’re looking to recreate what they are doing in terms of running the server-side components involved in something like this, then that could involve Django. (Although, to be honest, Django wouldn’t be my first choice in that situation.)

thanks for the reply, we discussed and the final decision was to use