React vs htmx+ Alpine.js

Hello everyone! I learned recently about htmx + Alpine.js stack for Django and i have question what is better and for what case. And what i should learn first ?

Sorry for my English.

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Alpine.js is great for building interactive interfaces that are purely client-side (think, modals, accordions, menus, etc.). HTMX is more when you need client/server interaction (i.e. AJAX). So things like lazy loading, pagination, infinite scroll, asynchronous save buttons, etc. Most apps need both of these things, though Alpine has a smaller footprint and is probably faster so if you want to do them one at a time, you could start there?

This write up might be a good place to get started: Django, HTMX and Alpine.js: Modern websites, JavaScript optional


As your title suggest React vs htmx+ Alpine.js, as @czue already explained you about htmx + Alpine.js.
I can give you a little insight about React JS and you can follow some tutorials as well over React.JS.

  • React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • React is used to build single-page applications.
  • React allows us to create reusable UI components.

Although React is very popular in the market, After learning react you can even go for frameworks like Next.JS which is React framework that enables several extra features, including server-side rendering and generating static websites.

It completely depends on you what kind of project you gonna develop and which technology suits best for your project. Although for choosing between one of them, I can suggest you to give a little time (1 or 2 week) to both of them and see for yourself which tech you liked and wants to continue to master :v:.

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Thank you for yor answer. After reading articles you shared i have the answer to my question.

Thanks for your answer.