Regarding django/docs changes not showing in git status

I have took one ticket from django open source contribution, i have changed code inside docs folder and saved. so when ever i am checking the git status
its not showing any files, git diff also same
and when ever i have changed code in apps folder its reflecting in git status and git diff.
but why docs folder changes not showing.
can any one help me

Can you share the path of the file you tried to change?

This two files I have try to change

  1. django/_build/html/topics/testing/advanced.html
  2. django/_build/html/ref/django-admin.html

I am unable to view the first and second file and their changes in git status. I noticed that the docs/_build/ folder is included in the ".gitignore " file. Can you please suggest how to proceed with this?

You need to update the equivalents that exist in the docs folder (e.g docs/topics/testing/advanced.text)