Remove default "Delete selected ##" action

I made some adjustments EG:

class FunctionAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    list_display = ['function_name', 'function_short']

I want to keep these adjustments but remove only the “delete selected” from all models in the admin. I think it is to dangerous to have this option available.

What is an easy way to achief this?

If you are thinking that having the “delete selected” option is “dangerous”, then you’re exposing the admin via a superuser account to the wrong people.

You can create more restricted users (is_staff instead of is_superuser) that don’t have delete permissions on the objects in the admin.

Beyond that, I’ll refer you to the first two paragraphs at The Django admin site | Django documentation | Django

Thanks Ken! That is indeed the right appraoch. I was making adjustments to the actions and thought I had to change it there. One related question I see options in the rights list for models I have deleted and don’t use anymore. How can I update the list here?