Removing Double Spacing from CKEditor.

I’m using CKEditor so I can break up my text into multiple lines. Right now every time I start a new line my text is double spaced. I would like to remove the double spacing or know if there is another model field out there that doesn’t double space and will allow for bulleting.

The top is what I’m wanting to happen the bottom is what is happening with my text. I was able to get the top the way I wanted it by copying the text into a notepad first then pasting it.

I just noticed this only happens from the admin console. If I edit the text from my update view ( and use the correct tags) it works fine. I’m okay with this, but, I would prefer to not need HTML tags in the text if possible.

It might work to press “shift enter” to insert a line break, rather than a paragraph break?

Edit: indeed, this works on the ckeditor demo page

I installed that version of CKEditor and it had everything I wanted. Doing Shift-Enter does enter a line break. However, I’m not finding documentation for this version.

This is the one I found (which appears to be different from the normal CKEditor) When I follow the installation instructions everything works except I can’t implement it into my form.