Request to join Russian translation team

More than a year ago I’ve sent a request to join Russian translation team that was unanswered (as well as all subsequent requests to join the same team from other users).

It seems that Russian team leader is unresponsive for more than a year and there’s an urgent need to find a replacement for this position.

It’s been for more than a year and there’re some pretty annoying visible typos in the current Russian translation that continue to bug Russian Django users worldwide for years.

Can something be done?

Can I finally join the Django translation team (my login on transifex is

Thank you for any answer,

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Hi @emorozov. I think @shaib and/or @claudep can give you the access you need.
Thanks for the perseverance!

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Thank you. I’ve logged to Transifex and found out that I was added to Django team on 1st of May 2021. I’ve somehow missed the notification. It happened about a year after my original request.

Though I was accepted, I can’t edit the misspelled string. It seems noone can, in the discussion tab there’re four comments asking to fix this five years old (!!!) mistake:

There’s something really wrong with Russian translations management. It seems there’s nobody responsible and nobody has the right to fix mistakes (if not add new translations).

What is the problem exactly? Do you receive an error message or isn’t the text zone editable?

Ah, I see, it was probably because the string was marked as “revised”. I put that state back, you should be able to fix it now.