Request to join the Malay language translation team

Hello! I’ve been using Django for a while now and have come upon the fact that internationalization for the Malay language is not available yet. For this reason, I’d love to contribute to the Django project by translating words to Malay as it is my native language.

I’ve signed-up to transifex and requested to join the Malay language team. I see at this point in time the language is sitting at 1.5% translated with over 800 strings to translate.
Hope the admins/moderators can approve my request so I can start digging in and work on it.

Looking forward to contributing.


Now is a good time to translate Django in your language, as Django 4.0 release is approaching. So go ahead and make Malay the next supported language in Django!


Thanks for adding me to the Malay language team @claudep. I’ve completed the translations on all resources and would appreciate if somebody can review it.

Looking forward to seeing it released with Django 4.0!

Awesome, great work! Of course, you’ll have to ping some fellow Malay speaker to get a review.

Do you think you would be able to start a Django pull request with an ‘ms’ entry in django/conf/locale/, an ‘ms’ entry in django/conf/ LANGUAGES list, and ideally a django/conf/locale/ms/

Created the pull request. All 3 entries were added as requested.

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Malay will be in Django 4.0, congratulations!

That’s fantastic news! Thank you to all involved for making it happen.

Great initiative, @jhisham!

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Thanks, @juwaini! Hope you can benefit from it as well.