Reset app to zero without modifying DB tables and migration files

I would like to completely reset app in Django in terms of database and migrations.
There are some dependencies between models but there are NO dependencies to other apps.
So I want to just delete all DB tables and all migrations related to that app and start from scratch that app.
I don’t care about the data and about the dependencies and past migrations, just delete everything and start from scratch like it is a completely new app.
All other app data stays in the DB.
How can I do that WITHOUT a need to go and manually modify DB and migration files ?

It depends on what you mean by “start from scratch”. Assuming you only want to drop the tables and SQL objects created within migrations from your app, Django and third party apps, see below:

You could try running python migrate APP_NAME zero for all of the apps. Doing it for auth will undo a good portion of them. Using showmigrations -p should show you the top most migration. I suspect it’ll be contenttypes.0001_initial and in that case running python migrate contenttypes zero.

That will run the reverse migration for all migrations you have run. It won’t delete any files or change any part of the database that you setup outside of the migrations.

I mean start from scratch for that app, I edited the question now to include that info.

Then running migrate <app_label> zero should do the trick.