reset django project and django allauth

I tried installing DjangoX from Wills repo. I played around with adding my own extra app and designing som models with foreign keys.
It started making som weird error (which was because I had made an accident drag n drop of the pages app into an other library). I then moved it back, but errors still remained.
I then decided to start over, so I deleted all the pycache, migrations folders and the sqlite file.
I then tried to run makemigrations and migrate but I had broken something “permantly” (for me at least).
Everything is fine, I will just start over, but it leads me to the questions.
Ignoring github and other “revert by software” solutions.
What is the recommended “reset by deleting” method?
Which files must be deleted?
Which commands must be run?
And finally for me at least a hard question… In what way does using allauth (set up by DjangoX) change the answers to the questions?

I know this is a heap of noop confusion questions, but I feel this is a topic all new Djanguys (my word :slight_smile: ) struggle with understand.
I appreciate your help, if the above makes any sense.

I forgot.
I even played around with Ken suggestion about auto-adding models to the admin using this:['my_app'].values())

If you really want to restart from scratch, you delete the database, the project directory (and everything in it) and the virtual environment. Anything short of that is going to have potential implications on the next project you build using any of those respective components.

Okay. And the “a bit less invasive”? The sort of attempt 1?

Really depends - you’re not going to be able to identify a generic pattern of things to do outside the context of knowing what errors you’re getting. There are just too many ways of getting things messed up to say you’re always going to be able to “delete X” and not “delete Y” and then be ok.

That’s where a detailed knowledge of Django internals really comes into play. You need to get to the point where you can investigate error messages to identify the root causes.

Thank you.
I will try your advice and be more previse about the errors next time.
Is it right to think that there was something about not running migrate before having set up allauth?

Not to my knowledge.

The only situation that I’m aware of where you don’t want to run your first migrations too early are when you are creating a custom User object. If you’re going to want to use a custom User object, you want to create that model and make the appropriate settings before running your first migrate.

I did this now and I actually works now. :slight_smile: (I even copied my app to another folder and put it right back in again - and working too)
Thank you. I learned a lot from that! 1. Use github 2. Don’t start over, do this next time. :slight_smile:

This even works now. :smiley: