Route traffic from street A to street B using geo locations

I am looking for some advice or a pointer in the right direction, I am very new to geodjango and gis data.
I want to create an app where I can put in the street name A and street name B so that geodjango can route a route from A to B via streets and not like the crow fly.

geopy looks great for searching street names and getting lat & lon back, but is this not something I should be able to do in geodjango if I import the street.pbf file into a model for that city?
And is there a way to map a route via streets?

No, traffic routing is not something handled by GeoDjango, you’d have to integrate an external library for doing that.
See OSRM and pgRouting for ideas. You may also want to look at the Leaflet Routing Machine.

Brilliant, thank you for the quick response