Scaling Django channels within my project

Hello. I want to integrate channels into my website, to handle things like real time notifications and friend requests, as well as real time messaging.

I expect around 15,000 users (minimum) to be using my site. Do you think channels can easily scale to this number of users and beyond, as 15,000 users is the bare minimum, and I expect more users in the future.

Or will it be very costly and tedious to do this, when compared to using something like node js for the same job? Thanks.

IMO isn’t this pre-optimization?

I attempted to run a project at the scale of 200 concurrent users in groups of 5 using Channels. I ran into a dealbreaking blocker with the channels_redis backend. I believe in my investigation it was this part of the code that couldn’t keep up. There’s an issue open for performance problems with group_send that might be helpful for you to review.