Seek Django 5.0 Learning Resources

Hi there

I’ve done the Django tutorial. I’m looking for more resources or linters based on Django 5.0 but have trouble finding. Django 5.0 By Example for instance only launches in March.

I know there are many resources for versions before 5.0, but the changes compared to 4.2 are quite significant. I would much prefer to start on a clean slate.

Apart from Django’s docs, what other Django 5.0 references could I use?

In addition, are code snippets and logic in Django 5.0’s docs refactored for improvements in the current version, or are mostly the same?

Thank you.

Side note: My skill level is between beginner to intermediate, and I have dabbled in a little Python and Django from previous versions

I’m curious - what do you see that’s different in 5.0 that you consider “quite significant”? (I see some nice things added, but I haven’t encountered anything yet that I’ve had to change in code currently running under 4.2.)

In general, when asked for resources, I suggest people look at what’s identified in the Educational section of the Awesome Django page. I don’t know if anything referenced there is 5.0 specific, but if it is listed there, then I would assume it to be trust-worthy.

The difference to me are the simplified templates for form field rendering, database computed default values, database generated model fields and more options for declaring field choices.

I think the significant differences are (1) the simplified templates for form field rendering and (2) accepting a mapping or callable instead of an iterable. Both would lead to new ways of creating cleaner and simpler code. Hopefully there’s more examples, especially of the latter beyond Django’s docs.

Thanks for the detailed list of resources! Really appreciate.