seeking Django resources for hire

Hello Django community. I am the CTO of a large membership association. We are looking to replace our current AMS with, a fully-functional AMS (association management system) written in Django. We are looking for either a highly skilled individual, or a small boutique that will help us do the following:

  1. devops to spin up our infrastructure on AWS
  2. install and configure the latest version of Tendenci (we have a mural board full of well-defined requirements)
  3. install and configure the latest version of Discourse …
  4. setup MFA and SSO for Tendenci and Discourse
  5. integrate tendenci with salesforce, stripe, discourse and Twilio (some of these integrations are natively built in Tendenci)
  6. migrate the data in our MS-SQL database (and our current AMS built in .asp) to Tendenci’s Postgres DB so we can migrate from our current AMS to Tendenci.

We are going to do this project with Merix Studios in Poland. Unfortunately their Django developers didn’t like the way Tendenci is architected… So… please, take a good look at Tendenci on GitHub before you decide whether or not you want to wade into this project.

Thanks and best wishes,