Building SaaS with Python and Django Twitch stream

I run a Twitch stream that I wanted to bring to people’s attention that is focused exclusively on building a Django application. I call the stream Building SaaS with Python and Django and walk viewers through my process of putting together a real Django project.

For folks that want to see a more built out application or see my process for putting together views, models, forms, templates, and all the other necessary Django bits, I think they may enjoy the content I post.

I stream on Wednesday nights at 9pm ET. After each stream, I publish my content to a YouTube playlist and put show notes at

My latest work is focused on an onboarding flow for new users. If you’d like to see a sample of what I produce, here’s a link to the latest episode: (I promise no rickrolls! :slight_smile:).

I’d love to hear about people think about it. I’m open to feedback if there are things that would make the content more useful for people.


Hey Matt,

Loving the series! Well done on it. I just recently found it but will run through it. I noticed you changed your SAAS project on lesson 38. I’ll follow from there and catch up on the earlier ones before that. I would love to follow along as you build the homeschool app.

I saw the interface for the homeschool app on a recent video and I love the layout and based on that I can already see that there’s a lot of learning content on multi-tenancy, multi-roles, etc.

Btw, came across your podcast too and enjoying it!

Thanks for what you’re doing and trying to teach the community.

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