Sending email for domain with MX records to external Mail provider

I use external Mail provider for mail services for my
So I have MX records for point to that external Mail provider (also I have some SFP records set).
But I plan to build the web application using Django for
And of course, I have this nice idea to send some emails from this application also using domain but different sender, for example
So I read documentation about Sending email and it seems I could easily implement this.
My question is should I expect some troubles because I use external Mail provider ? Should I expect that this emails sent from Django in this case will be treated as SPAM or low reputation ? If yes, what can I do to improve this rating ?

Thank you.

This isn’t really a Django-related issue, you’d be facing this situation regardless of which web framework you use. You might find some more specific help in some group that supports that type of setup.

Having said that, a lot of what you’re concerned about is something that the external provider is responsible for. There’s not really a lot that you can do about this. A lot of it depends upon whether or not their IP address is one of the ones commonly flagged as being a source of spam. (Usually, this occurs as a result of a faulty configuration allowing that server to be abused as an open relay.)

I run Postfix on my servers to send mail, and have never had a problem with the reputation / blocked list issues except at the very beginning when AOL had my (at-that-time-new) IP address flagged as a spam source.

So, should you “expect some troubles”? That all depends upon the quality / reputation of your service provider. You might want to verify that they have people on staff who will actively address any blocked-list issues that might occur.

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