Sitemap for dynamic content

Hi, I’m after some advice on sitemap - and what content to include.

I have a new weather website that allows a user to enter a location (autocomplete lookup) then displays weather info for that location (changing the url to a unique one for that location).

Should I be including each of these location-specific urls in the sitemap? I think I should so, for example, if a user searches “weather for boston” that google would hopefully list my site.
Example url:,%20Massachusetts,%20United%20States/42.35888_-71.0568

If not, easy…
If so, then how do I achieve this? - as use an external API to retrieve locations based on what the user enters (and it could be any suburb globally).
Maybe something I can generate statically off line??

The website is
Thanks in advance.

The “should you” is a question probably better asked to someone who knows a bit about SEO. I suspect the answer is no though, as otherwise your sitemap is going to be huge!

As for “how”, you should be able to implement your own Sitemap. Using items to loop through the locations, and using location to build the URL with reverse.

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Thanks for your advice. Maybe I’ll just create a bunch of common/popular locations and add those.