Spanish translation pluralization issue with "año"

Django 3.2 had the correct plural forms:
msgstr[0] “%d año”
msgstr[1] “%d años”

I am now im process of upgrading Django to 4.2 and some tests started failing in spanish, because now all forms of “año” are plural:
msgstr[0] “%(num)d años”
msgstr[1] “%(num)d años”
msgstr[2] “%(num)d años”

This results in “1 year” being translated to “1 años” instead of the correct form “1 año”.

Relevant place in .po file:

Hello @mick88! Thank you for your post. The translation was incorrect as you pointed out, I have fixed this along with the translation for “minutes” which was also buggy.

Translations are handled in Transifex, I have fixed the translations there. This will be reflected in the Django source in the next translations sync.

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