Splitting up PRs?

I’m working on my first PR for the project, having picked up this ticket, and I’m a little worried it’s growing larger than I had originally anticipated (turns out Django offered more builtin view decorators than I had thought).

I’m specifically concerned that this will make the ticket particularly slow to be reviewed, and so was wondering if it was worth my breaking it up into multiple smaller tickets? My usual approach is to keep PRs as small as possible, but given this is an open source project and people are likely to review PRs less often, I’m not sure if that approach will simply stretch out the review process over a much longer period of time.

Any thoughts on best practice when working with an open source project like Django would be very appreciated, as I’m very much hoping this won’t be my last foray here.

I’ve authored some absolutely gigantic PRs, so my approach here might be biased, but in my personal opinion, I’d rather have a single, complete PR rather than lots of small ones - that way, we can also review to see if anything is missed out.

If you do things as a series of smaller PRs, there’s no real single stage where you verify a task is complete and not missing anything.

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