structured for larger projects

Hi all,

Are there any open source advanced projects, which use the Django Framework? I am looking for best practices and seeing how code is structured, for larger projects.

Thanks in advance!


For any number “N” of large projects, you’re going to find “N + M” number of styles and practices being used over time - and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

A large scale Django project is going to have a large number of architectural decisions that need to be made, each of which potentially affects how the code is structured and organized. That code structure is frequently going to reflect some non-technical issues causing certain decisions to be made and leading toward the implementation chosen. Those “whys” aren’t often captured by the code, so you’re not going to know why the code looks the way it does.

What I would suggest you do is buy a copy of “Two Scoops of Django” - it contains a large number of good practices that have been identified, and is probably the most comprehensive source for that information. However, keep in mind that while it is an excellent resource, there are going to be situations and conditions that will lead you toward making different choices than what they recommend - and that’s OK!

The concept of a “Best practice” is that it should be your default choice when making a decision, but not a requirement. Some decisions need to be made in the context of the application being developed, the organization building it, and the environment in which it’s going to be used.