**Subject: Launch of Python Niger Community – Invitation to Django for Partnership**

Dear Django Community Members,

I am thrilled to announce that we have successfully gathered Python enthusiasts from all walks of life for the launch of the “Python Niger Community.” This event will take place on April 28, 2024, at UDDM in Maradi and promises to be a day full of learning, innovation, and celebration of technological collaboration.

Event Details:

We are supported by esteemed partners such as the Python Foundation, Salim Transport, UDDM, E-E Solutions, and Inovatech. However, we believe it is crucial for Django, as a cornerstone of Python programming and a proponent of open source, to also be an official partner of this event.

We would like to explore how Django could support this initiative. Whether it be through financial support, educational resources, or the presence of representatives at the event, any support from your side would be immensely beneficial in encouraging and growing our nascent community.

We would be honored to have Django among our official sponsors and are open to discussing the best way to collaborate. Thank you for considering this opportunity to support and inspire Python developers in Niger.

Looking forward to your positive response, thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

@sarahboyce @sabderemane @thibaudcolas


Tech enthusiasts in Niger? :flag-ne:

Join the Python Niger community launch on April 28th at 9am at UDDM Maradi!

Learn Python with Barhamou Issaka Hama, speaker and organizer.

Info and registration: https://www.python.org/events/python-event

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Bonjour, Hello @HamaBarhamou!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the initiative of creating a place for the Python community in Niger. It’s nice to see the expansion of the community around the world and people gathering for something they have in common.

You were asking for partnership, and I’m not sure what it really implies. I think you should think about what could be the terms of the partnership. If it’s something related to the communication of the event for example or anything else. If it’s something that implies the trademark of Django or financial assistance, you should contact the foundation directly.

I also found you on Discord, I took the opportunity to reach out to you to discuss in french if it can ease the conversation and avoid misunderstandings :slight_smile:

Have a lovely day!

Dear @sabderemane ,

Thank you for your response. I would like to clarify that we are referring to Niger, not Nigeria. Nigeria already has an established Django community, unlike ours. Additionally, the official language of Nigeria is English, while ours is French.

Regarding a partnership with Django, given the time constraints and the approaching date of our event, any initiative on your part would be greatly appreciated. I have followed @sarahboyce’s valuable suggestions and opened a pull request here.

During our event, we will also set the dates for other events such as PyCon Niger, Django Girls, and many other activities. Django will therefore have the opportunity to be fully involved in the development of the Django community in Niger.

I will reply to your message on Discord to continue the conversation.


Sorry for the typo, it’s edited!

Successful launch of the Python Niger Community!

Thank you all for your participation and support!

Photos: PyNiger-Launch Event - Google Drive
Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_awCu2zkdEuXiM6Fx1Ofg

Let’s keep learning and coding together!

#PythonNigerCommunity #Python #Technology

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