Subscribe to Trac notifications on a component?

Is there any way to subscribe to Trac notifications on a particular component? (Or automatically add myself as a cc whenever a ticket is assigned to a particular component?)

I looked into trying to hack together my own watcher on top of the Trac RSS feeds, but:

  • The timeline doesn’t support filtering by component (or even showing component so I could do my own filtering)
  • The tickets list (TracQuery) supports filtering by component, but not showing or sorting by recent modifications

Hi (and welcome :wave: ),

There’s a few preferences you can tweak at Preferences: Notifications – Django (you need to be logged int), but as far as I know there’s no option to subscript to a specific component.

That seems like it would be a useful addition though, would you mind creating a feature request issue at Issues · django/ · GitHub?

I’ve done a quick search and haven’t found any plugins that would offer it, but we might be able to develop our own.

would you mind creating a feature request

Done: #202

Also, I see there’s a trac.ini ticket_show_component option to include the component in the timeline. That could make my self-service watcher possible, assuming the option also adds the component to the timeline RSS. I’ll open another ticket suggesting that.