Switch multiple versions of Django


I use linux Mint 19.3 Tricia with installed python 2.7 (default) 3.6 and 3.8.
I installed both django 1.11.11 and django 3.2, they both load correctly but when a give the command django-admin.py istartproject it only creates a project using django 3.2, how do I do to averrun this problem and start a project for django 1.11 ?


Please provide more details about exactly what you mean when you say “they both load correctly”.

Do you have python virtual environments configured for these? If not, you probably should.

I mean,

I use a virtual environment only for django 3.2, should I use it for both ?


Should you? I’d say yes. It’s the easiest way to help keep things “straight” between the versions.

Aside from that, I believe the fundamental issue is that the command line command django-admin.py typically gets installed in /usr/bin with a link to the specific version of python under which it is installed. There’s only one file installed - it’s not like python where you get a python2 and python3 link installed for the different versions.

As a result, to run a different version at the system level, you’d have to do something like python2 -m django startproject xyz.

But I’d still recommend you get into the habit of doing all this in virtual environments. I never recommend running Django using the system-installed environment.

Thank you gentleman, I found what I needed.