Ticket #21183 reopening?

Yes, that’s definitely a trade-off. Keep in mind though for keyboard users the current design takes a good 10 to 100x more steps than the 3 clicks you just mentioned. Here’s a screenshot of tab stops to reach filters on a users listing:

In this example it takes 29 tab stops to reach the first filter option: 8 tab stops to reach the listing, one tab stop per column, then two tab stops per item, and a few more along the way. It seems reasonable to me that “big screen + pointer” users can make three clicks, so keyboard, screen reader, and “small screen + pointer users” can also use the UI regardless of how many items there are.

I’m not disputing any of that. I agree the problem you are describing is real, but it feels out of scope for this ticket (ie. adding a button), and it should have its own thread/ticket rather than piggybacking here.

Considering the scope and all the potential voices who will chip in, I think the time to get that merged could be a even year from now. If it will remove this button I am proposing here I am totally fine with it, but until that will be delivered I will be very happy with having this toggle button which can be added within one day.

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:+1: I’ll open a separate discussion. @tom does this wider accessibility issue feel like a ticket or a new forum thread to you?