TimeInput widget formating change help

Is there a way to change default forms.TimeInput widget to 24h format isntead of 12 am, pm one?

from django import forms

class DatePickerInput(forms.DateInput):
        input_type = 'date'

class TimePickerInput(forms.TimeInput):
        input_type = 'time'

Pass a format. By default it respects your locale which is probably US something but you can override.

If you are generating an <input type="date" ..> tag, then that formatting is actually controlled by the browser - you don’t have any control over it from the server. (It’s why Django, by default, uses type="text")

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I’m using django time widget only in html file im passing this form

from .widgets import  DatePickerInput, TimePickerInput
from django.forms import ModelForm
from .models import Task

class CreateForm(ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = Task
        fields = ['title', 'start_date', 'start_date_time', 'end_date','end_date_time', 'complete']

        widgets = {
            'start_date' : DatePickerInput(),
            'start_date_time' : TimePickerInput(),
            'end_date' : DatePickerInput(),
            'end_date_time' : TimePickerInput(),

TimeInput or DateInput - no real difference as far as this topic is concerned.

Django uses the input_type="text" for these precisely to be able to format the input and output. When you use input_type="time" or input_type="date", the browser is going to control the formatting.

See <input type="time"> - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

Thanks, I get it now