tradero v0.1

tradero is a tool for achieving self-funding via trading.

Self-funding means generating the means independently to cover a budget in order to opt by the value it produces rather than out of economic necessity (financial freedom).

It tracks Symbols in an Exchange with a time resolution, calculates indicators, presents them in a useful way, and provides automatization through trading bots so the user can perform trading more effectively.

In its first point release, the focus was on providing the infrastructure for tracking indicators and automatizing trading on Binance.

As a result, tradero delivers a scalable cloud-ready FOSS solution that provides:

  • A plug-in indicator architecture that allows to easily extend the market information,

  • A bot framework that allows to easily automate trading based on that information, and

  • AI integration

The next release’s focus will be data-driven strategies in order to maximize the effectiveness of the infrastructure.

Everyone is welcome to join the community:

Happy Coding & Trading!!!